Old logo Jets gear could soon be hard to find.

The Winnipeg Jets may have left town in 1996 but the logo never did. Fans continue to wear old t-shirts and jerseys and buy new ones with the original logo.

"I definitely would say that I prefer the old logo," said Karen Wiebe, a local Jets fan. "I'm sort of an old-school-die-hard fan."

She, and other Jets fans better act fast if they want to get new merchandise with the old logo. True North Sports and Entertainment has acquired the rights to all Jets logos. They've also told manufacturers to stop making items with the old logo on it.

Zak Rubin at River City Sports weighted in on the merchandise situation Wednesday.

"We're still going to be getting some 80s and 90s stuff for the Christmas season...(but) from what I understand, they won't be making anything new. Which I understand - they want to focus on the new logo and the new style."

Some fans won't let the old logo go so easily though. "I think it brings back a lot of memories of the old team, being out with friends and following the games," said Wiebe.

True North Sports and Entertainment said the old logo won't vanish forever. For now, though, they're asking manufacturers to concentrate on making items with the new logo.

-With a report from CTV's Jon Hendricks