A 9-year-old girl from Winnipeg is feeling a lot better after she says a soldier mocked her name.

The girl's name is Isis. The name has nothing to do with terrorism.

Isis Fernandes was on school trip Thursday taking part in a Grey Cup event for kids at the University of Winnipeg's RecPlex.

Students received a certificate for completing an obstacle course. Isis said when she told the solider her name, he didn’t believe her.

"He said, ‘I'm not writing your name. I don't think this is your real name. This is not funny’,” she said. “He got all mad and stuff.”

The Canadian Armed Forces member was removed from signing future certificates.

Friday, the soldier made an apology to Isis at her home in person.

"I'm happy they came and apologized in person," said Isis.

"Coming from a military family, my grandfather was in the Armed Forces, and it showed respect, and I appreciated it,” said Amanda Fernandes, Isis' mother.

Isis and her mother said it's not the first time she has been teased because of her name, which means Egyptian Goddess, but this time the behaviour crossed the line.

“To have her come home in tears is very sad,” said Amanda. “I can't believe grown men are picking on a 9-year-old child. This has got to stop.”

A military spokesperson told CTV the solider would not make the apology in front of a camera, saying Isis was not the only child asked how to spell her name, and the soldier didn't intend to upset her.

The Canadian Armed Forces turned down CTV’s request for an interview, citing the dispute as a privacy issue.

The Fernandes' say the military plans to send Isis a package as a gift, at a later date.

The Fernandes’ now hope the experience is an opportunity to educate and raise awareness.

"I just want to make sure others don't get treated like I got treated. So if you’re being a bully, stop being a bully," said Isis.