WINNIPEG -- As vaccination rates climb in the province, fully vaccinated Manitobans are eagerly awaiting their immunization cards, but some people are running into trouble applying for the card.

Laraine St-Hilaire is one of many Manitobans who have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Her second dose was on June 7. After waiting two weeks she applied for her immunization card, but was told she couldn’t get one.

“I didn’t qualify because I didn’t get my second shot, and I told them that I had received my second vaccine. They said, ‘Well we don’t have any record of it.’”

St-Hilaire said she has tried to apply for her immunization card every day since, and her second dose of the vaccine still isn’t on record.

She said she even tried reapplying for her second dose of the vaccine.

“They got back to me and said 'you’ve already received your second vaccine,' I said, 'yes, I know that, except the department where they’re issuing immunization cards, they don’t seem to realize that.’”

Gene Unrau is another fully vaccinated Manitoban.

He got his second dose on June 8, and when he applied for his immunization card, he was told his second dose of the vaccine isn’t on record.

Unrau said he questions if the lack of recorded doses is having an impact on vaccination rates.

“If I can’t register, how many other hundreds or thousands are currently not registered with the province,” he said.

“But that’s the number they’re using to advance our reopening plan.”

In a statement to CTV News, a spokesperson for the province said in part:

“There is a delay due to very high volume, but we’re aware and working on this.”

“When a person is immunized, the information is entered into PHIMS on site, for pop-ups they also may do it on site, depending on the location, or they may take the records back to another location to enter them.”

The province said there are many reasons why a vaccination may not be registered.

It said in order to qualify for your immunization card, you must have a Manitoba health card, you have to be fully vaccinated, and you need to wait 14 days after your second dose.

St-Hilaire said she is still waiting for her second dose to be recorded.

She wants her immunization card because if she chooses to leave the province she won’t have to self-isolate.

“I kind of understand this is new, you have problems, but when you’re made aware of it, do something about it.”