WINNIPEG -- While some businesses have struggled amid the COVID-19 pandemic, others are seeing a spike in demand as winter approaches.

Winnipeggers are looking at ways of staying warm as the colder weather comes.

Jacuzzi Manitoba has been in business for 20 years and staff said this year there has been an increase in sales.

"This year's sales have been up quite a bit. People are spending more time at home and doing stuff in their yard. Instead of spending money on vacations, they've been buying hot tubs," said Bill Waugh, with Jacuzzi Manitoba.

Hot tubs aren't cheap either as the average price is about $10,000.

Due to the pandemic, more people are willing to spend on the big-ticket items they will use at home, according to a consumer leader.

"After spending more time (at home) they're revaluating 'where my home space is' and 'where am I spending my time given that I'm not going on vacations anymore? Then would I want to spend more on big-ticket items?'," said Rodger So, who is a consumer sector leader for western Canada with EY Canada.

Staff at the Canadian Tire at Polo Park say seasonal, at-home inventory, like patio heaters, are flying off the shelves and they can't restock them to meet increased demand.

Winter also brings a lot of sales for Aviva Health, when it comes to Vitamin D Lamps that fight seasonal affective disorder.

"Especially now, especially as it gets into the winter months, but also because of the increased awareness benefits of vitamin D for COVID-19," said Nathan Zassman, who is the president with Aviva Natural Health Solutions.

Zassman also said there has been an increase in people buying air qualifiers.