As people in South Sudan struggle with war and famine, a Winnipeg group says women are among those suffering the most.

Some are raped, other killed, and many are hungry.

Saturday night, the group came together at the Sudanese Cultural Community and Recreation Centre on Dagmar Street  in an effort to raise money to help.

Members of Winnipeg’s South Sudanese community held a fundraiser in support of Winnipeg Women's Resource Centre in Bor, South Sudan.

The centre empowers women and children who have been left vulnerable by war and hungry due to a food crisis, a thought that bears heavy on those living in Winnipeg with family back in South Sudan.

Matthew Thomas Thot is one of them.

"It's peaceful in Canada. There's no wars. You don't have to worry about getting out of your house. I would wish that they shared this same peace that I have over here. So, to say simply, I am not happy because I am at peace and they are at war," he said.

Saturday’s fundraiser featured a documentary and musical performances that included songs written by Thot calling for peace in South Sudan.

Others are calling on the Canadian government to help enforce a peace agreement in that country.