Four university students are marking a major milestone.  On Friday, they graduated from the University of Winnipeg, after surviving the earthquake in Haiti three years ago.  Tens of thousands of people were killed, including many of their classmates and professors.

After their school collapsed on them, the University of Winnipeg formed a task force and brought five students to Manitoba to study. The university has paid for airfare, tuition, residence fees, meal plans and counseling.

Jaquet Duval, Jean Widny Pervil, and Samy Archille have earned 3-year Bachelor of Business Administration degrees.  Héléna Vickaina Lafleur is receiving a 3-year Bachelor of Arts (Politics) degree.  A fifth student, Vanessa Laurent, is continuing her studies and expected to graduate in the coming months.

University of Winnipeg President Dr. Lloyd Axworthy says these are the leaders who will help rebuild Haiti.

In his graduation speech, Samy Archille says he guarantees he will help create positive change in his home country.

Jaquet Duval tells CTV he will be forever grateful for this opportunity.