People who live at Broadview Manor on Donald Street are calling for action after a spike in break-ins that's left many residents repairing smashed windows.

Residents tell CTV News they've come down to the buildings parkade to find rows of vehicles with their windows smashed and shattered glass covering the parkade floor. 

Murray Sinclair has lived in the building for five years, and said he's frustrated after having his vehicle vandalized twice in just over a week. 

The first incident happened on Dec. 26, and left Sinclair with a cracked window. 

"There was a row of neighbours that had their windows missing. Glass everywhere," said Sinclair.

The second incident happened on Jan. 4 when another window on his vehicle was vandalized, completely shattering the glass. 

Because of the break-ins, Sinclair said many of his neighbours have stopped locking their vehicle doors, but explained he did not have that option because his vehicle automatically locks when the key fob is not inside. 

The parkade is above ground on the second floor, and requires a swipe key to get inside the door and up the ramp, leading Sinclair to wonder how vandals are getting inside. 

Sinclair, who worries neighbours might subsequently feel unsafe in the parkade, told CTV news he'd like to see security measures in place so the break-ins don't continue. 

"I think most of us just want an end in sight," said Sinclair. 

"Some sort of solution where you feel like when you can go downstairs to get your car in the morning, you're not going to spend half an hour cleaning up glass." 

Erika Go lives at Broadview Manor as well, and told CTV News she also had her window smashed. Go isn't sure when the break-in occurred because she arrived home from a holiday in early January to find the damage. 

"I had the driver's side window smashed. Which is luckier than most of the tenants there. But still unfortunate," said Go. 

Go is in the process of having her window repaired, and said she's reported the break-in to Winnipeg police. Sinclair has also reported both incidents involving his vehicle to police. 

Rancho Realty is the company responsible for the building. In a statement a company spokesperson wrote:

“We can confirm that there have been a number of break-ins to vehicles in the parkade at Broadview Manor with a spike of activity in late December. We are working with the Winnipeg Police Service on this issue, as the safety of our residents, our staff, property and the building are a priority for Rancho Realty. Security measures are in place, and we are actively reviewing options to enhance them. In addition to increased building security, we are coordinating a meeting with the Winnipeg Police Service and our residents to discuss safety measures and to suggest precautions to help keep residents and property safe.”