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More NCAA leagues to pay women's basketball referees equally

The NCAA earned praise last year when it agreed to pay referees at its men's and women's basketball tournaments equally. The gesture only cost about US$100,000, a tiny fraction of the roughly $900 million networks pay annually to broadcast March Madness.

A referee holds up a ball during the second half of a college basketball game in Minneapolis, on April 1, 2022. (Charlie Neibergall / AP)

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Week two of Folklorama kicks off Sunday

The first week of Folklorama's return to in-person multicultural celebrations is wrapping up, with thousands of Winnipeggers visiting 12 pavilions across the city over the first seven days. Festival organizers say it couldn't have gone better.

Dancers perform at the South Sudanese Pavilion at Folklorama 2022. (CTV News Photo Gary Robson) Top Stories

Shift in war's front seen as grain leaves Ukraine, power plant hit

Four more ships carrying agricultural cargo held up by the war in Ukraine received authorization Sunday to leave the country's Black Sea coast as analysts warned that Russia was moving troops and equipment in the direction of the ports to stave off a Ukrainian counteroffensive.