A cottage owner in St. Francois Xavier is worried her cottage will be destroyed as flood water sweeps across the province.

Lanyse Guay’s cottage was levelled in the 2011 flood. She says she received no help from the municipality, and spent $200,000 rebuilding.

Now flooding is threatening her cottage again, and she’s still waiting for help.

“This is my life savings. This is my future that I took out and have invested in this building,” Guay said.

The RM of St. Francois Xavier says it must protect all primary residences first.

“Council has been consistent that cottages come after homes. And I believe from my point of view personally and from council’s point of view that’s a very reasonable decision to make,” said Robert Poirier, CAO for St. Francois Xavier.

Poirier says Guay’s property, the only cottage in the municipality, is on the bottom of the list for sandbagging. He says the municipality will do its best, but may not be able to get through Guay’s already flooded driveway.