For the second time Winnipeg’s St. James Street has been named Manitoba's worst road.

For the third year, CAA Manitoba polled its members to find out where the worst roads in the province are. More than 500 roads across Manitoba were named in the campaign and the top ten six are in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg drivers are not surprised St. James came in first.

“It’s not shocking at all, [there are] potholes like crazy,” said Winnipeg driver Jordan Granvosky.

In second place was 1st street in Winkler, followed by Ness Avenue, Pembina Highway and highway 10.

Truck driver Adis Sehovic said CAA’s poll is just more evidence Manitoba has some of the worst roads in Canada. Sehovic drives his semi all over Canada. He said that Alberta has some okay roads, Ontario is pretty bad and Manitoba is the worst he’s seen.   

The province is paying attention to the poll.

“Not only have Manitoban's sent the message, our message is clear, we are responding," said Steve Ashton, Manitoba minister of infrastructure and transport.

Last year's worst offender, Victoria Avenue in Brandon, has been improved and now sits at number eight. The province's has committed $5.5 billion dollar to improving infrastructure over the next five years. $50 million was spent this year alone in Winnipeg.

CAA Manitoba CEO and president, Mike Mager, said there’s still a long way to go.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg, there's lots to do,” said Mager. It's really encouraging to see progress being done in a really big area of concern across Manitoba.”

Eight of the ten worst roads in Manitoba are scheduled for repairs. Most have improvements already underway.