The town of Starbuck is ratcheting up fundraising efforts to replace its arena’s ice maker.

The rink is home to a hockey academy and curling club, as well as an ice plant that’s on its last legs.

“We are at the end of the hockey season here, and we have two compressors, and one of them decided to pack it in last week," said Vona Guiler, vice-president of the Starbuck Recreation Association. "We think that it’s a sign that we will make this goal and get our new plant in over the summer.”

On Friday, the association hosted an academy alumni game and curling bonspiel to help raise enough money to replace the plant by September.

The plant would cost half-a-million dollars to purchase and install, and after a year of fundraising, they are only a part of the way there, said Guiler.

“We need about $300,000 more, or $350,000 more,” she said.

Those who use the rink say it’s been the heart of the town for 40 years and its success is closely tied to the success of the town.

"It's more than just a place to curl and throw rocks,” said Roger Duval, president of the Starbuck Recreation Association. “It's a place to socialize, it's a place to have a good time and stick together as a community."

Max Qually is an alumnus of the Starbuck Hockey Academy. He took to the ice Friday with old classmates to help raise money.

"I can't imagine a rink I enjoy playing in more. I've had so many memories. I grew up in this rink," he said.

His graduation picture is one of dozens covering the walls inside the school and he hopes many others will go up beside it in the years to come.

"It's just an amazing barn. I hope they never have to shut 'er down," he said.

Updates can be found on the Save Starbuck Arena Facebook page.