WINNIPEG -- The Rural Municipality of Oakview has declared a state of emergency following Sunday night’s storm.

Over the weekend, a storm ripped through southwestern Manitoba causing damage, flooding, road closures, and power outages.

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CAO Marci Quane posted on Facebook that people should stay home if possible, but to travel cautiously if they do need to leave.

Crews have been working throughout the night and are continuing during the day to mark any dangerous areas.

Quane also posted that Rapid City residents should not pump water from basements into the sewer, as the infrastructure can’t handle the increased flow of water. She added flood water should not be pumped to bathtubs, toilets, or any fixtures that drain water to the sewer.

Any road damage can be reported to 204-566-2146.

The R.M. of Oakview includes the communities of Oak River, Cardale, Rapid City, and Basswood.