WINNIPEG -- The Manitoba government has once again extended its state of emergency as it approaches the one-year anniversary of the first COVID-19 case being discovered in the province.

The state of emergency goes into effect at 4 p.m. on Wednesday and will last for 30 days.

“Our government continues to move forward in our cautious approach in reopening the province,” said Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler in a news release. “Extending Manitoba’s state of emergency is a preventative measure to help reduce the introduction and transmission of COVID-19 and its variants. We will remain vigilant and take all necessary precautions to protect the health and safety of all Manitobans.”

The first state of emergency was declared on March 20, 2020, eight days after the first case of COVID-19 was discovered in Manitoba.

The state of emergency has been renewed every 30 days since then, and is the longest state of emergency in Manitoba’s history.

As of Wednesday, Manitoba has reported 32,000 COVID-19 cases and 901 deaths during the pandemic.