A stray dog, allegedly abused in northern Manitoba, is now recovering in a Winnipeg animal hospital.

The dog, named Vortex, was flown to Winnipeg from Garden Hill First Nation Tuesday.

Debra Vandekerkhove with Norway House Animal Rescue said a family had been looking after the stray for about a year, and said he was fine that morning but later that day he was found with a rope hanging around his neck, and a number of injuries including pellet wounds.

Vandekerkhove said the vet believes someone either hung Vortex or tried to strangle and beat him.

Vortex (Source: Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue)

Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue said the pup is doing well, but the full extent of his injuries is not yet known.

“He is so swollen from his injuries that we do not know yet what is still yet to come in his prognosis and his kind of next steps,” said Colleen Holloway with Manitoba Mutts.

Vortex is being treated at a south Winnipeg vet clinic.

Manitoba Mutts is seeking donations to help pay for his care.