WINNIPEG -- As the weather starts to warm up, many Winnipeggers are pulling out their convertibles and motorcycles to cruise around town.

Fast cars mixed with empty roads due to COVID-19 measures have caused a street racing issue for some areas of the city, according to one city councillor.

Janice Lukes, councillor for Waverley West, said most of the residential streets in her ward and the stretch of Kenaston Boulevard that runs through it, have issues with street racing and speeding.

“There’s a lot of hot cars out here,” said Lukes. “(I think) it’s a combination of more people moving in, and all these beautiful brand new streets.”

Lukes said she’s been working with the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) to combat street racing.

On Sunday, Lukes tweeted a picture of corvette’s lined up at a stop light along Kenaston boulevard, after she said an unmarked WPS vehicle pulled over an Audi.

Lukes said she believes physical distancing measures are contributing to the speeding issue this year as well.

“We have all these people out, and we have less vehicles on the road,” she said. “We’ve got people wanting to get out in spring and drive their cars; it’s a recipe for a problem.”

Bella Iomdina, a resident in the Bridgwater area, said speeding in her neighborhood is a common occurrence.

“They’re driving way above what you’d expect them to drive (on) a residential street with many young families,” said Iomdina.

She has lived in the area for seven years. She said vehicles rarely follow the speed limit along residential streets or Kenaston Boulevard.

She said she would like to see more speed prevention measures in place.

“River Heights for example installed speed bumps many years ago, maybe because of the same problem," said Iomdina.

Lukes said she’s working on a 'Please Slow Down' video to really get the speed limit message across.

She had some advice for Winnipeggers who can’t keep their foot off the gas.

“If you really want to race your car, rent the track at Gimli.”