WINNIPEG -- The Crown showed surveillance video of Ricardo Hibi’s final moments to the jury on Tuesday.

The 34-year-old who ran a foster home for boys in the city’s Daniel McIntyre neighbourhood was stabbed to death two years ago.

Twenty-three-year-old Kane Moar is on trial for second-degree murder and has pleaded not guilty.

Court heard Hibi had multiple cameras set up at the home on 622 McGee Street.

“(The surveillance cameras) cover the interior of the residence and captured the homicide that occurred,” testified Sargeant John Taylor, one of the officers on the case. “The individual inside was Hibi, the other was the suspect.”

Using surveillance video and photographs, the Crown tried to piece together a timeline of Hibi’s death on December 17, 2018.

A camera installed on the outside of the home appeared to show a man in a black coat walking up to the door of the foster home just after 2:30 p.m.

Moments later, a camera set up inside near the entrance of the house, showed Hibi answer the door and then fall to the ground in the foyer.

Hibi’s fiancé Candace Woloshyn left the courtroom in tears as the video played.

The Crown said Hibi was on a phone call with legal aid lawyer Sandra Bracken at the time of his death.

On Monday, Bracken told court she provided legal aid to some of the boys Hibi looked after at the foster home and the two spoke regularly.

Bracken testified that Hibi said "Hey man this isn’t your house, get out of my house,” while they were on the phone. Bracken said she also heard the voice of another man.

Crown prosecutors said Hibi was stabbed three times. They called Dr. Raymond Rivera to the stand, the pathologist who performed the autopsy.

Rivera described the injuries to Hibi’s chest to the jury.

“The wound itself was 12 centimetres, a little under 6 inches,” he said. “A knife likely caused this injury. The knife itself likely was a single edge blade, like a steak knife.”


Court heard the suspect in Hibi’s death was arrested three weeks after his death.

Constable Evan Kingston testified Cadets picked up 23-year-old Kane Moar for alleged public intoxication on January 6, 2018.

Kingston said he was called to assist with the arrest and to transport Moar to police headquarters.

“Initially he was detained under the Intoxicated Persons Act,” said Kingston. “We were able to identify him and the return came back as Kane Moar.”

Kingston said Moar was wearing a black North Face jacket when he was taken into custody.