It could soon be illegal to ride a snowmobile, ATV or dirt bike in designated spots in Winnipeg.

Currently, there are three designated areas where off-road vehicle use is permitted within the city.

A recent survey conducted for the city, however, showed that more than 60 per cent of Winnipeggers support a ban of off-roading within city limits.

A motion to make it illegal stalled at the mayor's cabinet table in the summer. The motion was brought forward following the death of Ken Stammers, who died after being hit by a snowmobile while walking behind his home in Transcona in January.

After the release of the survey, some within Mayor Sam Katz's inner circle said it's likely the motion will now pass.

"Absolutely - I really do think this was a simple thing that we could have done even sooner to just make sure that it had the backing," said Coun. Paula Havixbeck, chair of the city's protection committee.

The police service also supports a ban.

"I think it's the right way to go, I know that the council has to make that decision and we'll abide by whatever council decides, I believe there should be a ban in the City of Winnipeg," said Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill.

Some snowmobilers within the city, however, voiced concerns about a potential ban.

"Those are opportunities we were able to do as responsible people. Now, they're being taken away because of the actions of a few in Transcona," said Paul Veert.

He said he recently sold 10 land lots to people to build houses on, with a promise they'd be able to ride their snowmobiles from their homes to provincial trails a few kilometres away.

"Well, the deals (have) been made but I'm sure our friendship will be a little different now than it was before the deal," said Veert.

A motion in favour of the ban could make its way to the floor of council as early as next month, meaning it could be illegal to ride a snowmobile inside the city limits by the New Year.

Police said there are 13,600 snowmobiles registered in the city, as well as 6,000 off-road vehicles.

- with a report from CTV's Jeff Keele