Winnipeg police said a vehicle borrowed at a bar was used by a suspect who shot up a home early Sunday morning.

The incident started at 12 a.m., when police said a woman at a Weston-area bar lent her vehicle to a man she had just met.

Police allege the man used it to drive by himself to the 200 block of Redwood Avenue, where he shot through the window of a suite where a 24-year-old woman and her two infant daughters were sleeping.

Police said the man went back to the same bar to pick up the woman before they went back to her home in the Inkster-Faraday area.

When they got there, police said the woman saw a rifle in the vehicle and got upset, and the man hit her on the head with the stock of the gun and took off on foot.

Police were called and with the help of the police helicopter, a suspect was found in a back lane in the 600 block of Mountain Avenue.

Winnipeg resident Allan David Graveline, 21, is charged with numerous offences, including discharge a firearm with intent and assault with a weapon.

He was taken into custody.