Details about the apparent murder-suicide that has shocked a small town continued to emerge on Monday.

The RCMP identified the woman murdered in a Sommerfeld home on Saturday afternoon as 35-year-old Brandy Lenton.

Police conducted an autopsy and determined that Lenton died from gunshot wounds, officers said Monday.

According to the RCMP, officers are not looking for Lenton's murderer because their suspect, 63-year-old Melvin John Nickel of Altona, took his own life.

Police said Nickel committed suicide just outside Altona at the gavel yard where he worked.

An autopsy attributed the cause of his death to a gunshot wound.

Officers from the RCMP Carman detachment along with the Winnipeg Major Crime Services and Forensic Identification Unit are investigating the two deaths.

Police confirmed that Lenton's body was found in the home where she lived.

The home belongs to Jerry Ginter who found Lenton's body, according to neighbour Barbara Wiebe.

Relatives of Ginter said that he, Nickel and Lenton were all friends.

Both Ginter and Lenton had recently broken up with other people and began to live together, according to members of his family.

They said that Nickel was interested in Lenton, but she did not return his feelings.

Relatives of Nickel said he was a married father of three. They said he left a suicide note in his truck that read, "When you see this it will all be over."

"His wife was camping somewhere, they came back at 11 o'clock and then they told us what happened," Bill Berg, a relative of Nickel, said.

Nickel's family members said they did not know the connection he had with Lenton.

-with a report from CTV's Stacey Ashley