An “armed and barricaded” incident in St. James ended safely Wednesday with one person being taken into custody.

Winnipeg police were called to a residence in the 300 block of Brooklyn Street near Ness Avenue late in the morning.

Ness was closed to traffic at Berry Street and police asked people to avoid the area.

During the standoff, police spokesperson Const. Rob Carver spoke with members of the media at the scene.

“We got here at about 10:35 this morning, based on a 911 call,” said Carver, who wouldn’t discuss the nature of the call but said police had cleared the area around the standoff.

“We’re making sure there are no pedestrians out on the street. Everyone who is outside of the immediate danger zone is being directed to shelter in place, meaning stay in their houses, not to get out.”

Carver said motorists and cyclists were also redirected from the scene.

“We just gotta keep everybody out of the danger zone.”

Carver said homes closest to the one involved had been evacuated and people with mobility issues who could not leave were told to stay in “the interior of the house or the basement.”

Police said one suspect was involved and police had reason to believe he was armed with a firearm.

“And that changes the dynamic,” Carver said.

Following the incident, police could not confirm if a weapon had been located.

Police on Brooklyn Street Wednesday afternoon

Police on Brooklyn Street Wednesday afternoon. (Jeff Keele/CTV News).

Officers at Brooklyn Street standoff

(Daniel Timmerman/CTV News).