A man shot by police at a Domo gas bar is facing a number of charges.

It follows what sources say was a botched robbery against the suspect’s brother.

Police said a suspect wearing a balaclava and armed with a knife was spotted entering the Domo gas bar at Donald Street and Wardlaw Avenue on June 19.

When police responded, they said the suspect advanced towards the officers, who shot him.

Andrew Christopher Lebrun, 21, faces several charges, including robbery, assaulting a peace officer, possession of a weapon and breach of probation.

Part of the major crimes investigation involved looking at surveillance video of other robberies, including one at a 7-11 on Marion, and another Domo gas bar on Academy Road.

Domo chairman Douglas Everett said they handed over months-worth of video surveillance.

"In both cases it was captured, we have extensive surveillance systems at all the stores,” said Everett.

Sources said it was Lebrun’s 18-year-old brother working at both Domo locations at the times of the robberies.

Court documents show he was held up with knife in each case.

But sources said he had no idea who was robbing him.

"We have followed through with that investigation and there are no other charges with respect to the gas bar,” said Detective Sgt. Natalie Aitken from Winnipeg police.

The police-involved shooting remains under investigation.

Those findings will be subject to an external review.