WINNIPEG -- The COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions are putting a hamper on Manitobans' plans for Spring Break, but some are getting creative so they can enjoy the time off.

Staycations are becoming popular this year and the Clarion Hotel’s increase in bookings is proof of that.

"It's still early to say how busy it's going to be, but we're certainly looking at over 50 per cent occupancies, which we haven't seen for a while in hotels," said Harry Khaira who is the general manager of the hotel.

For the Clarion, one of its main attractions is the indoor water slide.

"With the current health orders out, we can only have 10 people at one time in the pool. So we are monitoring that. They have to register at the desk, then only we give them access and they're allowed to use the pool for an hour at a time."

Khaira said the pool is getting some work done right now but it will be ready for Spring Break.

Booking a hotel isn't the only option people are considering, Tourism Winnipeg said there are a number museum and galleries to explore, as well as the great outdoors, if they want to be tourists in their own city.

"Grant's Old Mill, the walking trail. There's some cool pieces of art or Bois-des-Esprit. Assiniboine Forrest is always a really neat one, like you think of the park, but right nearby is a gorgeous trail you can explore too," said Gillian Chester, the communications and travel media manager for Tourism Winnipeg.

For many in the city, staying close to home seems like the best option.

"Probably just taking in the sights and sounds of the city. Taking as many trails as we can. Getting out to Birds Hill Park, walking around, going to the dog park. Basically, outside stuff," said Veronica Rosen.

Harmeed Sohal has a very similar plan.

"No travelling. We planned a couple of times to go outside of the province, but because of restrictions, we can't go. So it's better to come more outside now," said Sohal.

If people need some help to figure out what to do, Tourism Winnipeg has several resources available on its website.