It's chilling testimony and possibly something Samantha Kematch never expected anyone else to see. "Sorry phoenix," says Kematch as she apologizes to her dead daughter. She's alone in an interrogation room but camera is still rolling.

Left alone for a few minutes, this was the day her secret unraveled, as the RCMP discovered the girl had been killed nine-months before.

Phoenix Sinclair was just five-years-old.

"I know you know what happened," Cst. Tara Clelland-Hall told Kematch.

The officer spent hours talking to Kematch trying to get the woman to talk.

"Now you told me before that you weren't the one that beat her. So who was the one?" asked the officer, but to no avail.

Finally Kematch pointed the finger at her common-law husband Karl Wesley McKay.

"I think she died because he pushed her really hard on the floor. She banged her head really hard," recounted Kematch in a taped statement.

While officers tried their luck with Kematch, Cpl. Norm Charette was trying to get answers from McKay, which proved easier.

McKay, overcome with emotion says he tried to save the little girl by performing CPR, and he added that Kematch was equally to blame.

"Did Samantha do anything to her that day?" asked Charette. "Yeah, she did," said McKay.

"What did she do?" "She always beats her up," replied McKay.

Both were charged with first degree murder, in part because evidence indicated the girl may have at times been forcibly confined to the basement, still her mother denies any guilt.

"I didn't kill her, I know that. I didn't," said Kematch.

Kematch later told investigators it was an accident that got out of hand.

With a report from CTV's Kelly Dehn