With the Victoria Day long weekend approaching, the Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach has told residents it won’t be able to provide water as it has historically done, due to mechanical issues.

RM of Victoria Beach administrative officer Andrew Glassco said workers first became aware of problems last Wednesday when they started up the two plants used to provide water to the area.

Glassco told CTV News some of the equipment was still frozen at that time, including a tank at the Victoria Beach plant.

Along with operations being slowed by the freezing, Glassco said there was a pump that was down at the Victoria Beach plant.

As of Thursday afternoon, Glassco said that pump had been repaired.

“We’re looking forward to firing it up and seeing what we have to deal with next,” said Glassco.

There are roughly 1200 properties in the area, and just under 400 permanent residents, some of whom would have their own water systems.

As for seasonal residents, Glassco said the RM was using a bulk email and its website to get the information out.

“We have residents and seasonal cottage owners that are located all over the world: China, the US, Western Canada. We had a lot of those folks calling in this week,” said Glassco.

“We just didn’t want people to land here and go to that expense and then find out there’s no water.”

The RM normally provides water to seasonal residents between May and October.

“Historically and traditionally we’ve been up and running with water by May long weekend,” says Glassco.

“But this year we’re just not able to do that.”

A boil water advisory is in effect for when water does begin to flow through the community.

“The province when they’re satisfied that we’ve filled laboratory requirements for testing to ensure that the water is safe, then the boil water order would be taken off,” said Glassco.

“If we have water flowing and it’s not potable we would let the residents know.”

Water isn’t being brought into the community, and residents are asked to make their own accommodations.