They didn't trek around the world, but teams from across Canada came to Winnipeg to compete in a Canadian version of the Amazing Race.

The final teams wrapped up City Chase at The Forks today, a competition modeled after the popular reality television show.

Teams had to compete in a number of events, such as a K9 challenge at Birds Hill Park, where contestants had to try to get away from a Winnipeg police K9 team.

In the end, Erik Woods Anthony Woods, representing Team Ottawa, proved the strongest.

"It's just tough," said Anthony Woods. "There are just times when you feel you can't continue to run."

Erik Woods said they have entered the competition seven times. "This is the first time we've ever won the sucker," he added.

The winning team has earned bragging rights and two SUVs.

This is the first time the national event was held in Winnipeg.