WINNIPEG -- The University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA) and the University of Manitoba have reached a tentative agreement to avoid a strike.

The agreement was announced Monday morning, which means members will not be striking on Tuesday.

As part of the tentative agreement, a COVID-19 stipend will be paid to members to recognize their work since the pandemic started.

However, the UMFA said university administration would not approve a wage increase for staff, and would not negotiate on COVID-19-related relief for dependent care, despite pleas from UMFA members for support.

“UMFA will continue to fight for post-secondary education and for investment in public services in the months that come,” said UMFA president Michael Shaw in a statement.

A ratification vote on the new deal will take place this week.

In a statement, U of M president Michael Benarroch said they are thankful students will be able to continue their classes.

“To our faculty, we value and respect you as indispensable collaborators in our shared mission of advanced research and higher education,” Benarroch said. “We are pleased that our community will be able to continue teaching, learning and researching at UM without interruption while the voting process takes place.”

Benarroch said to respect the ratification process, the university will not reveal any specifics of the offer, but said it met the province’s wage mandate to “hold the line on salary increases” for 2020-21.

Arne Peltz served as an independent mediator for the bargaining process.