WINNIPEG --  The human costs are still being tallied after last Wednesday’s brazen robbery at the Tyndall Market Liquor Mart on Keewatin Street.

In a video of the incident, robbers are seen attacking several Liquor Mart employees. 

One worker is shown being punched in the face by one of the assailants. 

Randi Chase was on duty at the time of the robbery.

She’s now speaking about her sudden and terrifying experience through an eleven-minute video posted to Facebook. 

Chase says one of the suspects approached and told her to give him the money in the cash register, then he knocked her to the ground. 

“So here I am behind the counter, so helpless…and then minutes later, unconscious. That’s not fair. That shouldn’t have happened,” Chase said.

Before the attack, Chase says she was already terrified by what the attacker was holding.

“I saw him holding this huge knife-a machete, whatever, butcher’s knife and I just froze. Like I was so scared,” said Chase. 

Hours after the assault, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries announced new security entrances would be installed at all Winnipeg Liquor Mart stores. 

Coincidentally, the installation of a secure entrance had already begun at the Tyndall Market location when the attack took place. 

In a written statement, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries said their employees went through a "horrifying and traumatic" incident and the employees involved have the Crown corporation's full support.

It said it has trained employees in nonviolent crisis intervention techniques to difuse hostile and violent situations.

"We do not want, nor expect, our employees to intervene in an active crime or attempt to apprehend thieves," the statement reads. "In many of the incidents where we have seen interventions occur, the situation has escalated, increasing the risk of harm for all involved."

Still, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries said the safte of employees and customers is its number on concern. It said counselling services are available to everyone involved at the Tyndall Park incident.

A 15-year old boy is facing a string of charges in connection with the attack. 

Chase says other than being physically hurt, she now has emotional scars. 

She’s calling for Liquor and Lotteries to better protect its employees.