WINNIPEG -- The number of mosquitoes in the city of Winnipeg continues to increase.

According to the updated trap count on Monday, the average number of mosquitoes in Winnipeg traps has gone up to 71, and bringing the Adulticiding Factor Analysis level to medium.

This weekend, the mosquito trap average was 18 on Sunday.

The northeast quadrant of the city continues to be the area with the most mosquitoes in traps. The area is averaging 85 mosquitoes in traps, with one trap reporting 181 mosquitoes.

The southeast is seeing the second-highest average number of mosquitoes in traps, with an average number of 76, according to Monday’s data. One trap is reporting 163 mosquitoes.

The northwest has the third-highest average of mosquitoes in traps, reporting 74 mosquitoes on average per trap.

The southwest has the fourth-highest average number of mosquitoes, with an average of 51 in traps. The southwest also includes the trap with the most mosquitoes, with one trap reporting 223 mosquitoes.

The trap count is updated daily. 

A city spokesperson said the increase is partially as a result of high winds preventing city helicopters from larviciding all sites on the list. The city said the high winds are also helping to migrate adult mosquitoes.

“The Insect Control Branch will be increasing its monitoring over the coming days and anticipate an increase in trap numbers, as the combination of higher temperatures and high humidity are making perfect conditions for adult mosquito activity,” the spokesperson wrote in an email to CTV News.

The spokesperson added the city is also looking at several things in the coming days to determine if fogging will begin.

  • The city-wide Adulticiding Factor Analysis must be HIGH;
  • The city-wide average trap count must be a minimum of 25 female mosquitoes for two consecutive nights; and
  • One or more of the quadrants of the city must report at least 100 female adult mosquitoes.

If the criteria is met, a fogging operation could be announced this week, the spokesperson said.