WINNIPEG -- The Government of Canada is investing more than $1 million into Manitoba's grain industry.

Canada’s Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau stopped by the CropConnect conference in Winnipeg on Wednesday morning to make the announcement.

The funds, which total $1.2 million, will go to the Canada Grains Council to develop a code of practice for farm production of Canadian grains, as well as a new pilot insurance program.

The minister said the program will help producers eliminate risks when importing to foreign countries.

“Some of our trading partners don’t give as much credit to this rule-based trade approach, but I think we have to stand strong and this is why we have to face the new reality and find innovative ways to support our producers and this pilot insurance program is one way to support them,” she said.

Bibeau also touched on farmers' concerns about the federal carbon tax.

Manitoba producers said they're taxed an extra $1.7 million related to the costs of drying their grain and heating their barns and buildings.

The minister said the province is working on ways to support farmers but a decision hasn't yet been reached on a tax exemption.