WINNIPEG -- Health Canada announced on Tuesday that certain types of hand sanitizers are being recalled as they contain ingredients that are unacceptable for the product.

According to the health agency, the recalled products contain ethanol or denaturants that shouldn’t be used in hand sanitizers in Canada.

It noted denaturants are added to ethanol to make it unfit for human consumption, and therefore to avoid unintentional ingestion of hand sanitizer.

Since ethanol and denaturants are not approved for use in hand sanitizers in the country, Health Canada has not reviewed these recalled products for safety. Some reactions that people may experience from using these hand sanitizers include: dermatitis, eye irritation, upper respiratory system irritation, and headaches.

Anyone who has one of the affected products is told to stop using it, and follow municipal or regional guidelines for how to get rid of chemicals and hazardous waste. People can also bring the products to a pharmacy for disposal.

Anyone who has used this product and has concerns is encouraged to contact a healthcare professional, and report any complaints to Health Canada.

A full list of recalled products can be found online.

Health Canada keeps a full list of all of the hand sanitizers with technical-grade ethanol that are being recalled due to possible health risks. It also maintains a list of hand sanitizers that comply with its requirements, as well as hand sanitizers that have been approved for use in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.