WINNIPEG -- Several groups have joined forces to ask all levels of government to help make Winnipeg more accessible to cyclists and pedestrians.

The Green Action Centre, Winnipeg Trails, Safe Speeds Winnipeg, and Bike Winnipeg are calling on the government to create a pop-up connected cycling network in Winnipeg.

This would mean Winnipeg cyclists and pedestrians could access a safe route to get where they’re going no matter where they are in the city.

“Right now in Winnipeg we do have some cycle routes and some of them are protected, but there’s giant gaps in that infrastructure,” said Mel Marginet from the Green Action Centre.

“So for most folks, they can take a leisurely trip on their bike, maybe do a weekend trip with their kids, but the idea is that of being able to get to your essential services, to be able to get to your job, in the fall when the kids go back, for them to get to school."

Marginet added, “There’s usually parts of the trip where they feel comfortable, but there’s always an intersection or perhaps a strip that’s a little bit scary and very intimidating, and because of that getting there on a bike or foot just seems inaccessible and impossible.”

The groups sent out a letter in June -- addressed to Mayor Brian Bowman but also provided to the provincial and federal governments – asking for the connected network for walking and cycling.

Marginet noted the letter was specifically addressed to Bowman as he has the most power in this situation.

“It’s the municipal government that really has to champion and really has to prioritize this initiative,” she said.

On Thursday, representatives from each of the groups will be delivering the letter to Bowman at Winnipeg City Hall, Minister Rochelle Squires at the Manitoba Legislative Building, and then the Office of MP Dan Vandal.

Bowman has been invited to speak on the request, Squires will be available for comment, and Vandal won’t be available for comment but welcomes receiving the letter.

“Right now always the go-to is just to build roads and highways and we just need to get beyond that,” Marginet said.

- With files from CTV’s Rachel Lagace.