A major storm in southern Manitoba Friday morning caused flooding and damage across Winnipeg.

According to the City of Winnipeg it received over 250 inquiries in just over one hour regarding flooded catch basins, as well as sewer and drainage issues.

As of 1:30 p.m. Friday the city said it received the following reports:

  • 191 reports of plugged catch basins in the front of a street;
  • 28 reports of plugged catch basins in a back lane;
  • 10 reports of a manhole cover that was off or ajar;
  • Eights reports of sewers backed up with clean water;
  • Five reports of backed up sewers with raw sewage;
  • 13 reports of damaged trees.

Winnipeg fire crews also helped out drivers whose cars submerged on flooded streets. The city said in some instances people were even trapped inside the vehicles, and in total six people were extricated.

The city urges residents to check their home’s backwater valve and sump pump, and to ensure their eaves troughs and drains spouts are clear, as another storm is forecast this evening. Winnipeggers are also asked to drive with caution and avoid flooded roads, especially as the water becomes harder to see in the darkness.

Rainfall totals

According to numbers out of Environment and Climate Change Canada many parts of Manitoba saw heavy rainfall on Sunday, with Morris and Elie experiencing the largest total of rainfall.

Here’s a list of rainfall totals across Manitoba in millimetres:

  • Winnipeg: 30 to 60;
  • Morris: 59;
  • Elie: 55;
  • Brunkild: 44;
  • Altona: 44;
  • Saint Adolphe: 43;
  • Zhoda: 41;
  • Dugald: 40;
  • Starbuck: 40;
  • Saint-Pierre: 38;
  • Stonewall: 36;
  • Woodlands: 36;
  • Rosa: 35;
  • Marchand: 33;
  • Kane: 33;
  • Gunn Lake: 32;
  • Elm Creek: 30;
  • Brandon 25-30.