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The new hydration stations available in Winnipeg

As the weather in Winnipeg heats up, the city is making it easier for people to stay hydrated.

The city has installed three hydration stations throughout downtown. They can be found at Central Park, outside of the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre and in the area of Selkirk Avenue and Powers Street.

“It’s really important to stay hydrated and the water helps you stay cool, so that’s what we’re hoping to provide,” said Lisa Gilmour, emergency management coordinator with the City of Winnipeg.

The locations were selected based on need and past experiences. They’re connected to fire hydrants to provide a continuous supply of clean drinking water, similar to what Winnipeggers would get from their home taps.

Gilmour said the city would previously have water tanks set up for drinking water during the heat.

“Those we had to bring them out and refill them,” she said. “This water supply is always there and it's available 24/7.”

The stations were first installed last year as a pilot project and will remain active until the weather starts to freeze.


Gilmour is reminding residents to take precautions to prevent heat illnesses such as heat stroke as temperatures rise.

“It is important to remember that the heat can really have some significant impacts on your health,” she said. “So it is important to watch yourself when you're outside and watch those that you're around and your family and friends, especially those that may have conditions that make them a bit more vulnerable to the heat.”

Gilmour said people should look at the temperature before they go outside, and added the city has several ways to stay cool and hydrated.

In addition to the hydration stations, spray pads have reopened across the city, and in times of extreme heat city facilities will allow people to come in and cool down. Top Stories

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