WINNIPEG -- The province announced a new research project it hopes will make work easier for health-care providers.

The project called ‘Mindset’ integrates all of Manitoba's clinical health data into once province-wide platform.

The province hopes the single platform will enhance real-time access to data for health-care providers.

“By partnering together to integrate Manitoba’s health-care data at a provincial level we will improve the efficiency of the health-care system and we will improve the outcomes for patients who use it. The Mindset platform will show how integrated data can improve access to health data as well, for practitioners and patients, reduce inequalities and promote the sustainability of the health-care system,” said Ryan Zarychanski, Mindset team lead.

Three physicians at the University of Manitoba are leading the research and they'll each focus on a different area of health care.

The Manitoba government and the Canadian Institute for Health Research are each investing $600,000 annually over four years to fund the project.