WINNIPEG -- The next time you step in to grab a case of beer or a bottle of wine at a Manitoba Liquor Mart, employees at the stores will look different.

Starting August 6, face masks will be mandatory for Liquor Mart employees, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries confirmed in a statement to CTV News Winnipeg.

“To help protect the safety & health of our employees and customers, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries is joining many other local businesses in proactively mandating mask use for our Liquor Mart employees,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries also oversees the Casinos of Winnipeg. Casino employees must wear face masks, a rule implemented as part of the plans to reopen casinos.

“Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries is committed to doing what we can to protect the health of our employees and customers,” the spokesperson said. “We have, and will, continue to evolve, expand and implement these types of initiatives as new information about COVID-19 preventative best practices becomes available.”

Currently, masks are optional for customers at Liquor Marts or casinos.

-with files from CTV's Jon Hendricks