WINNIPEG -- One of the Main Street Project buildings has been given a facelift, but the bright orange addition isn't just for style, it serves an important function for the community.

Along the outside of the Main Street Project building at the corner of Main Street and Logan Avenue are the new structures called seating portals.

"We are essentially lifting people up off of the ground, both physically and metaphorically, and it just looks a lot more dignified than having your items on the ground, and possibly sitting around on the sidewalk," said Adrienne Dudek, director of supportive and transitional housing at Main Street Project.

The seating portals were designed and built by the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba. Dudek said Main Street Project got a call from the faculty, saying it was looking to use some grant money to help the community and raise the profile of the marginalized population.

Dudek said seating has been a concern that has been brought up by the community.

"There isn't a lot of seating so we thought that would be a quick win, and something the community wanted, identified and then would be well received," she said, adding the entire project from design to construction took about six days.

"It is another place to just participate in community."

Dudek said the seating portals provide people a place to sit, rest and gather in a physically distanced way.

She said Main Street Project is now working with the city to get permits.