Newly released security camera footage shows 24-year-old Amber McFarland leaving a Portage la Prairie beer vendor with two men the night she went missing.

It is a new twist in the story.

Since she went missing Oct.18, 2008, McFarland's family had said she left the bar with a former boyfriend, but the video shows there were two men.

McFarland seems at ease with the men in the video. At one point the three embrace and appear to share a laugh.

Investigators have identified and questioned the two men, but say they do not have a clear picture of what happened next.

"Those same two people that she attended the bar with are the same two people she left the bar with," Const. Dino Bairos told CTV News.

"As far as us being able to trace where she went after she left the bar, that's where the investigation comes to a stop, and we're trying to determine what happens after this."

McFarland's family hopes the video generates new leads. They believe someone in the community knows what happened.

They are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.