WINNIPEG -- The proposed designs for a new public washroom next to the Thunderbird House have been released.

Wins Bridgman, who is an architect and co-director of Bridgman Collaborative Architecture Ltd., said he has been working for a long time to bring public washrooms to the city.

"Over the course of the last 12 years, we have worked with different social agencies and with the city, to try to find ways that we can provide a safe and clean washroom facility for particularly the most vulnerable among us," said Bridgman.

The structure, which is called Loo Loo, would include bathroom stalls, free-standing sinks, and a small office area and it would be located at 715 Main Street.

Public washroom Winnipeg

(Source: Wins Bridgman)

The facility would also be built out of repurposed, sandblasted shipping containers.

Bridgman said it is extremely important to have public washrooms available and people may take for granted the importance of washrooms until they don't have one.

"A washroom when you don't have one creates all sorts of levels of humiliation, loss of dignity, pain. Holding things in leads to health problems and in the end, cleanliness issues as well."

He also noted that the importance of public washrooms has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out last year.

"We've realized how much it is important for all of us to wash our hands, to care for ourselves, so we can care for one another."

Public washroom Winnipeg

(Source: Wins Bridgman)

Bridgman said public washrooms are something that needs to be developed throughout the city and are crucial to Winnipeg's success.

"Washrooms are like any other infrastructure. As we invest in them, we invest in our city."

$500,000 have been made available for the project.