WINNIPEG -- The Winnipeg Goldeyes would pay more than a dollar for rent at Shaw Park, but would still get tax breaks under a new lease deal on the table at City Hall.

The proposal would see the club pay $75,000 in rent for each of the first five years of the deal, $85,000 for each of the next five years, and $95,000 for each of the last five, of the 15-year term.

The current 25-year-deal, set to expire in 2023, had the Goldeyes pay $1 a year for the ball park property.

Under the proposal, the team would still receive tax breaks until 2029, when a similar deal with True North ends.

The city wanted to end the subsidies.

“The Tenant will receive a grant of the municipal portion of real property taxes paid each year on land which relates to the presentation of baseball games (i.e.: the ballpark parcel itself). This grant amounts to approximately $43,100.00 (2019),” the proposal reads.

“The Tenant will receive a grant equal to the entertainment tax remitted to the City of Winnipeg each year. This grant amounts to approximately $325,000.00 (2019).”

A report said the two sides agree on the rental fees and tax breaks but don’t agree on two five-year options in the report.

The city is in favour of the options, the Goldeyes prefer arbitration if necessary according to the report.

The proposal is on the agenda for next week’s property and development committee.