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The return of gem jar lids

Canadians can once again buy gem jar-sized lids. (Source: Canadians can once again buy gem jar-sized lids. (Source:

A canning company has stepped up to fill the gap in the market for gem jar-sized lids.

Last year, CTV News Winnipeg confirmed that Bernardin discontinued its gem lids, leaving many in the canning community without properly sized lids for their mason jars.

From there, ForJars -- a U.S. company that came to Canada in 2022 -- saw a need in the industry and began selling these lids online and in stores for Canadian customers.

According to Nolan Chapman, a wholesale sales manager at ForJars, the company has sold more than 100,000 gem jar lids since coming to Canada.

“We’ve had great feedback so far and it’s completely sold out. We’re waiting for a restock,” he said in an interview on Monday.

Chapman noted that when ForJars came to Canada last year, it found that the gem jar format was especially popular, which created an opportunity for the company to fill a need in the market.

He said customers are pleased that they can now continue to use these jars, which have been passed down through their families for generations.

“They don’t have to buy a whole new set. What we did is found a demand from our clients and our customers that didn’t want to move off of those jars if they didn’t have to,” he said.

Manitobans looking to buy a gem jar-sized lid can pre-order them online or find them in select stores. Top Stories

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