WINNIPEG -- One Winnipeg business owner has found a way to motivate his employees to bike to work – some extra cash.

Duxton Windows and Doors, located on Higgins Avenue, is paying its staff $50 a month for five months to cycle to the workplace after employees were concerned about taking public transportation amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now about 20 people are cycling to the office.

“For me at 66, the fact that I cycle 10 km here 10 km back , I get my exercise built into my lifestyle and in Europe that’s way more the case and I really think that’s a simple, practical, fundamental element if you look at how we can take care of ourselves, how we can have a better quality of life,” said Al Dueck, who owns Duxton Windows and doors.

Dueck said he wants to encourage his employees to cycle for a good chunk of the year.