As the search for missing 57-year-old grandmother Thelma Krull enters its second week, people living in the area where Winnipeg police have concentrated their search, say the community is scared.

"I don't go out walking on my own now,” said Roland Gibson in the park behind Valley Gardens Community Centre.

Since Krull’s disappearance, Gibson’s wife and daughter have warned him to be extra cautious.

"They tell me don't go without your phone, tell us where you're going, they're very concerned when I come out here on my own,” said Gibson. “Today I have the dog so I feel relatively safe."

At a press conference on Friday, police admitted they have very little to go on.

"We are really grasping at straws right now,” said Constable Eric Hofley. “We don't know what the circumstances are surrounding Thelma's disappearance."

There were few signs of a ground search in the area on Saturday, but neighbours say police have been going door to door.

"We've had police come knocking on the door the other day,” said Gibson. “They searched our shed, I hear they're going to start searching houses, it's very concerning that something's happening."

Volunteers have plastered the neighbourhood with Krull’s photo, hoping someone who knows something will come forward.