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'This is a long time coming': New app, better phone service and e-payments coming to Transit Plus


A new system for Transit Plus is expected to make it more accessible and efficient for riders and drivers alike, the city announced on Monday.

The new booking system will launch on Tuesday and will include an automated phone service, expanded trip notifications and more fare payment options, including e-cash payment.

"This is a long time coming," said Coun. Janice Lukes, the chairperson for the public works committee.

"This cutting-edge system is going to ensure that Winnipeg Transit Plus delivers a barrier-free service to its customers, which includes offering more options when booking and paying for trips."

On top of the new system, a new app will also be released in the coming weeks. It has been made available to a selected group to test out and will go live to the public on July 9.

"Having accessible self-serve options means our customers will experience the ability to access the service and book trips in the way that works for them," said Teresa Platt, the customer service manager for Winnipeg Transit.

She said users will no longer need to wait for service as automated phone service and the app will give people the ability to book trips 24/7.

Wait times for the call centre will also reduce with these new options Platt said.

While this is good news for users, Lukes said this will also improve the jobs of drivers and staff.

"Transit Plus staff and drivers will benefit from these changes through improved route planning and increased vehicle ridesharing. Customer service representatives will also be available to deliver quicker responses," said Lukes.

This system is costing the city around $750,000. Those who are looking for more details can also check out two information sessions that are being held on June 25 and 26. Top Stories

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