WINNIPEG -- One person is dead and several others are injured, including an infant and a child, after a collision in Winnipeg’s North End.

Around 1:30 p.m. Saturday, police said officers in the area of Salter Street and Boyd Avenue tried to initiate a traffic stop. When the driver noticed, they took off at a high speed.

Police said within seconds, the vehicle in question collided with another vehicle at the intersection of Andrews Street and Boyd Avenue, which is two blocks away.

“In the space of less than half a minute, what started out as a routine traffic stop… ended up with multiple people in the hospital and a woman killed,” said Const. Rob Carver.

Four people from the vehicle that was hit, including an infant and child, along with two people from the fleeing vehicle were rushed to hospital.

Police said most were in critical or serious condition. 

“The two people from the fleeing vehicle are both in hospital. They are being treated. I don't have an update on their injuries,” said Carver. “I will say that at some point I imagine they are going to be taken into custody when their medical condition allows them."

A woman from the vehicle that was struck has since died.

“This is incredibly tragic. We’ve got an infant in the vehicle, a child in the vehicle, a woman who was killed in this crash. Tragic all around,” said Carver.

Police weren’t able to say why the traffic stop was being conducted in the first place. 

“This was not a pursuit. We pulled up, we attempted to have this vehicle spoken to, and the vehicle fled. We did not pursue it.” 

The Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba has now taken over the investigation.