Twenty-nine months after an elderly couple and their adult son were shot and killed in their St. Leon farmhouse, RCMP have arrested three men.

One of the three men arrested is another of the couple's sons, Denis Jerome Labossiere, age 37.

In November, 2005, the bodies of Fernand Labossiere, 78, his wife Rita, 74, and their son Remi, 44, were found in the burned out shell of the family's western Manitoba home.

Autopsies revealed the three died of gunshot wounds before the home was burned to the ground.

Police arrested Jerome Labossiere and Michel Marc Hince, 21 on Thursday.

Police also arrested Jeremie Gerard Toupin, 22, of Lower Nicola, B.C. The arrest was made Wednesday with the help of police in Kelowna. Toupin will now be escorted back to Manitoba to face charges.

All three suspects are charged with three counts of First Degree Murder and three counts of Conspiracy to Commit Murder. They are in custody awaiting an impending court date.

Charges follow second family killings

The arrests come less than two weeks after Jerome's nephew, Joel Labossiere, 34, and pregnant wife Magdalena, 33 were shot and killed execution style in their home in St. Vital.

Winnipeg police are investigating those killings. They have not made any arrests.

Joel and Jerome had been in a legal battle over the family farm, which is valued at more than $1 million. Remi Labossiere's will, dated August 2000, left proceeds from the estate to six nephews and nieces. However a second will, written shortly before he was murdered, left all of the property to Jerome Labossiere and his wife, Claudette.

Jerome Labossiere had been out on parole when police arrested him Thursday. He had spent time in jail for drug trafficking as a result of a police investigation into the Hells Angels.