The Winnipeg Police Service discovered 15 malnourished dogs, as well as three dead dogs at a home in the Daniel McIntyre neighbourhood after a strong scent caught their attention.

Around 5:05 a.m. on Jan. 4 police were in the 700 block of Home Street when they noticed what they described as a “strong smell” coming from a home.

When police approached the house they said they noticed a bunch of dogs barking and clawing at the window that appeared to be malnourished and in distress.

Police said the house was in “deplorable” condition, with a build-up of urine and feces. Officers said it seemed like the animals had been abandoned, that there was no food or water and the dogs had begun to eat the couches, beds and walls.

The Animal Services Agency, along with police, seized a total of 15 dogs that were taken to a facility for medical care.

The dogs are receiving treatment and will eventually be placed up for adoption.

Police investigated and on Saturday arrested a woman at a home in the Richmond West area.

Crystal Marie Molloy, 35, is facing charges under the Animal Care Act, including abandon or neglect animal and inflict upon an animal acute suffering, serious injury or harm, or extreme anxiety or distress that significantly impairs it health or well-being.

On Monday around 5 p.m., police went back to the home after the owner (the suspect is a renter) found three dead dogs in a container in the garage. Officers, as well as animal protection officers investigated.

Police said this discovery could lead to new charges or could substantiate existing ones.

Police remind people that they need to provide adequate food, water and shelter for pets, and bylaws limit the number of dogs you’re allowed to have in Winnipeg to four.

They advise pets should be spayed or neutered and owners should reach out friends, family, animal shelters, rescues or social services if they need help with care.

If someone suspects animal cruelty or neglect is taking place they should report it to the Provincial Animal Care Line at 204-945-8000.