Visitors to the Assiniboine Park Zoo on Monday got to take in a special sight.

Two Siberian tiger cubs, born on July 29 at the zoo, were on the prowl, making their first public appearance.

"At eight weeks these guys were about seven and a half, eight kilos," said Chris Enright, senior veterinarian.

The cubs, who are fraternal twins, came out, alongside their mother.

"They'll get more and more confident, and come up a lot closer. So I'm sure people will have plenty of photo opportunities coming up," said Tim Sinclair-Smith from the Assiniboine Park Zoo.

The cubs will remain in Winnipeg for at least another year and a half. It's possible one will remain in the city, although they may both be eventually transferred to other zoo facilities. 

The cubs have not yet been named and the public is invited to weigh in on possibly monikers for the animals. People can go to the zoo's Facebook page to vote until the end of Oct. 7 at:

- with a report from CTV's Jon Hendricks