WINNIPEG -- It’s a sight that would be far more common in the spring, but Wednesday, a torrent of water was running across River Road in the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews.

Jim Stinson, municipal emergency coordinator, says it all began in September when the area received heavy rainfall. Then in October, snow on the water caused frazzle ice, and as it all started moving north, it began backing up, which caused the river to rise much higher than normal for this time of year. 

Stinson says while the ice and water is not completely blocked, it is going out much slower than normal.

“Totally abnormal,” says Stinson. “The word unprecedented has been used several times. Nobody has seen this in the fall time.“

Stinson says thus far, the water has not gone into any homes, but it is encroaching on some yards.

Crews from the R.M. have a 16 inch-pump pumping water back into the river. Stinson says it is keeping the water down within municipal land.