Jenny Gerbasi walked into civic politics 16 years ago and says she wants to continue the work as the city councillor for Fort Rouge - East Fort Garry.

"I've had six years with Glenn Murray and 10 years under Sam Katz. I feel I've been a voice in holding people to account," said Gerbasi.

The former nurse said she's also proud of the fact she is a strong advocate for green spaces, public art and rapid transit.

"If you're going to build rapid transit you're going to see infill development around it and that makes sense, that's good planning," added the incumbent.

Fort Rouge – East Fort Garry is already one of the larger wards in the city, with approximately 45,000 people living there.

According to city records, most of them are renters and Gerbasi said with the new rapid transit corridor running through the neighborhood, it's ready for more people.

"A lot of the development hasn't really happened yet but you know there's obviously there's always some opposition to change in an area but I think a lot of people do understand there needs to be development around rapid transit," said Gerbasi.

Retired musician Shane Nestruck is one of the people who oppose Gerbasi’s plans, saying Gerbasi's ideas around rapid transit are way off.

"There are a million aspects of this that are completely a boondoggle," said Nestruck.

Nestruck ran against Gerbasi four years ago and captured just eight per cent of the vote.

Still, he said the incumbent is not qualified in developing transit systems. He said light rail is what's needed.

"Having had a hobby, a model railroad when I was a kid and a grandfather who was an engineer, I was sort of into this stuff as a kid as I grew up in Montreal and watched all the failures," said Nestruck.

A third candidate is running in the ward.

Norman Miller couldn't be reached for comment on Monday.