A close call on the Moray Bridge Tuesday evening.

Winnipeg police say a woman driving a pick-up truck crashed into the guard rail.

The truck flipped on its side but it stopped short of falling into the Assiniboine River below.

The southbound lanes of the William R. Clement Parkway were closed from Portage Avenue to Roblin Boulevard for a few hours.

Police say arrangements are being made to fix the rail. It’s unclear what factors led to the crash.

Reports snow buildup caused the close call are not correct, said police.

"It doesn't look like, from our information, that that's the case. Officers who were on scene did request that City of Winnipeg do a bit of plowing, but there wasn't much to plow. It was really just a precautionary move."

Bridges are plowed during and after a snowfall, and de-icing material is applied on a regular basis, said a city spokesperson.